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Agile UX NYC Conference Session: Eric Burd – Want to Win with Agile? Pivot Your Culture First

  • To win at Agile, you have to bring in: dev/product teams and biz/marketing
  • Agile is about risk mitigation – not so much about the technology stack and risk, it’s about the market risk.
  • Waterfall is about risk mitigation – finance and marketing depts run on events that depend on oths down the line
  • – but the waterfall doesn’t actually devise a way to accomplish these events
  1. Find a fire/start a fire – do it for morale purposes
  2. Listen to customers – they will define your problems for you; execs almost never want to do it (sit and listen to focus groups, etc). So hire your customers to go in and have lunch with the executives. That brings the research to them. Make it happen.
  3. Get sales in on the action – they’re there to absorb the problems & blocks of the customer. Train them to listen for product driven issues
  4. Train the executive team – do persona exercises
  5. Words matter
  6. Small wins – it’s easier to accomplish in small bites

Audio from Evernote: Agile UX NYC – EricBurd 20120225

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