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Agile UX NYC Conference Session: Lessons Learned: Managing Your Malkovich Bias – Andres Glusman

  1. Agile development with multiple pushes per day
  2. Extensive customer development
  3. Experiment then double down
Meetup is on pace to do 600-800 usability tests per year
  • Test 2-3 days per day
  • Setup tests prior to mowing what will be tested
  • Recruit participants from community and through a recruiter (compensate for time)
  • Use gotomeeting to broadcast sessions to developers
  • Use Silveback to record
  • Follow up each session with light notes
Malkovich Bias – the tendency to believe that everyone uses technology like you do
  • Test with users to confront out bias
  1. Give your team direct access to your customers
  2. Look for the boulders in the road
  3. Substitute frequency sfdor precision
  4. Strip out costs but willing to trade money for  time
  5. Have discussions
  6. Launch and learn
  7. Accept that failure is most likely outcome
Nobody wants to buy process. They want your insights
We are wrong more often than we are right – this is a young industry
It’s okay to keep reiterating because they will most likely fail

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