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Agile UX NYC: Phin Barnes – 4 Keys to Success in a Design Driven Company

  • Future reference: RPM – releases per month
  • How you differentiate is by the design. That will propel you
  • Building blocks of the web are being operated more and more by people with clunkier hands and not necessarily by the elite builders of the web – Amazon, Twitter, etc
  • This design mindset / process has been done since the beginning, it just wasn’t called agile – Proctor & Gamble, car designers etc
  • To max RPMs, mindset > skillsets
  • No unicorns and no assholes – the unicorn knows everything, how to build it, strict visions and doesn’t listen
  • Value the option value

  • Feedback sessions are scheduled, are brief and have objectives with known questions to ask: what kinds of problems were you trying to solve? What was thinking behind this? The thinking and the process moves forward instead of only focusing on the pixels
  • Watch the users, get out the way and refocus after users name the problems
  • Cultural issues in the company – what gets your orgs moving? Data – qualitative vs. quantitative ?
    • Do you visualize the data and make it actionable for a broad group of people – designs, devs, sales, marketing?
  • If you adopt a design mindset, it has to be full set – everyone on board not just product, design teams . They all have to iterate
    • Make it tangible. Figure out ways to celebrate innovative ways and progress on projects. Eventually make everyone owns the process ands thinks about it.

Unicorns and assholes

Agile UX NYC — 4 keys to success in a design driven company

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