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Handmade Porcelain Dishes by Gleena

I spotted Asya Palatova’s lovely porcelain line, Gleena, at the Brooklyn Flea a couple of months ago. I’m glad I rediscovered her business card while cleaning off my desk. Just looking at her wares has me considering getting a couple of these pieces for a friend’s wedding this coming month.


Specifically, I’m thinking of getting either 2 of a kind of one of the cups below or that sexy Typography serving platter

blue wee t cup by Gleena


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  1. asya says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for writing about me, you have a very lovely blog. I just wanted to mention that my work is not technically “earthenware”, that label is reserved for terracotta low-fire ceramics. My pieces are made out of porcelain and are high-fired. I very much appreciate you writing about me, and I hope you are not offended by the correction. 🙂 All best, Asya.

    • Tricia says: (Author)

      Hey Asya! No worries at all, really. I was writing the post last night and thinking that “earthenware” was the incorrect term for it but I could not put my finger on it just yet. Thank you so much for stopping by and correcting it. Your work is absolutely gorgeous and I want to make sure it’s represented well. I’ll change it right now for you.


  2. asya says:

    Thank you so much, keep in touch! All best, Asya.

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